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Watch today on Užiateka TV

Watch today on Užiateka TV

Watch today on Užiateka TV
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All Categories
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City Sonic Vilnius / Spring Sound Camp
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City Sonic Vilnius / Spring Sound Camp

Old man and sea. Sonopoetic performance
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Old man and sea. Sonopoetic performance

Aerial Kids - Christmas time
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Aerial Kids - Christmas time

Sonic Academy Challenges


Eight weeks of developing voice coaching and communication lectures being organised for those who want to study individually or with a partner / family. Lectures are based on the principle of the game and art therapy: training to develop the voice apparatus, imagination and fantasy, attention, sense of rhythm, connection with the listener or audience, text persuasion, and other communication skills.

Performances and Video Art


We are compiling documentaries from performances that are available to stream.


 Videocollectifs are 3 minutes films offering a personal look at the town / view of the town.Everybody can participate : It is a topic of one's own choice, which represents a personal view, a desire to share pictures, a video memory

Musical Transits


Musical Transits is a music platform collecting various talents from all over the world. We want to bring the change by showcasing inspiring music and sharing the message together with artists.

Cultural Transitions


“Cultural Transitions” offers the opportunity to see different cultures, to connect them, to move in different ways so everybody, regardless of his or her abilities, needs, culture, age or gender could fully integrate into the field of culture and reveal its authentic creativity. 

Uzupis ambassadors


 Documentaries about Užupis ambassadors promotes the creative development of Užupis Republic community and it's unique individuals.

AFA/Art for all -the archive of art therapy methods


the archive of art therapy methods is designed to bring together art therapists and other profesionals, to encourage anyone who wants to apply art therapies and to expand their knowledge in tools and techniques as well as experience in this field.

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